baby shower free printable games

There are lots of baby shower free printable games available.

A wide range of free games for baby showers are now available for you to print from your own computer.

Companies such as take a stroll give away professionally produced downloadable pdf format sheets.

Entertainment such as baby bingo, baby draw, nappy suprise and baby trivia will help your baby shower become a great day.

There is a good word finder puzzle from

We really enjoyed playing "guess the baby food", a great baby shower game where you buy half a dozen jars of baby food and soak off the labels. Then your guests have to guess what the flavours are supposed to be.

We found a simple nursery rhyme game at soapmeister.

Lots of action games at babyshowers central. These include Pin the diaper on the baby, Pin the diaper on the baby boy, Bottle bowling , Bottle ring toss, Stuff your shirt, Pregnant belly races, A day in the life of mom, Feed the baby and Balloon pop.

You might also want advice on the wording for Baby Shower invitations

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did. Enjoy your babay shower.