Gym quality home fitness equipment

Get fit and stay fit at home

Gym quality home fitness equipment is now becoming affordable for most people. The advances in manufacturing over the last decade have really helped the average family to be able to enjoy resistance based cardiovascular exercise, muscle building and weight loss activities in almost any available space.

This web page looks at the home fitness equipment options available and comments on suitability, value for money and effectiveness.


Which Multi Gym should I buy?

Multi gyms are great for muscle building. They include heavy weights in all cases and therefore solid construction must be one of your prime concerns. Big companies like Weider and York have good reputations for quality multi gyms and we particularly like the Weider 9150 which is compact enough for most spaces and includes a great 'preacher' attachment which makes reps of curls something you will really enjoy. Your biceps really benefit from this.

Which Exercise Bike should I buy?

You can choose a very cheap or very expensive bike and get great results from either. Focus on comfort because you will spend many hours in the saddle. The great german Dynafit bikes that revolutionized exercise in the early 1980s suffered from a horrible saddle that made spinning a miserable experience for many people. These days almost all manufacturers know how to make an Exercise Bike that people will want to sit on. Tunturi are a brand with a great reputation for exercise cycles.

When to buy fitness equipment

A lot of people buy gym equipment in the new year and about 6 months later they e-bay it or give it to charity shops. So, summer is the best time to buy second hand exercise equipment.