How to make a perfect cup of coffee

coffee pot

Making a perfect cup of coffee is actually not that difficult. Simply follow these instructions for the best coffee you have ever tasted.

Like most food and drink, fresh ingredients are essential. So, start with good quality beans, fresh out of the freezer and grind them yourself.

Fair-trade organic arabica beans are the best. Anyone who tells you anything else is just plain wrong.

The essential oils that give coffee its wonderful aroma start going stale the minute you grind them, so if you buy ground coffee it will never be perfect.

Grind the beans until the grains are the same size as the ground coffee you used to buy.

Use filtered water if you live in a hard water (limescale rich) area. Measure 1 tablespoon of ground coffee (10 grams) per 6 oz. cup of water.

The best coffee maker to use at home is a cheap aluminum stovetop coffee maker

Fill the bottom reservoir with water, put the coffee in the perforated cup, screw on the top, place on heat.

Once the top jug is full of coffee, take it off the heat and serve. Simple, but wonderful coffee.