How to make a perfect cup of coffee

As a true brit I like a good cup of tea. Usually a teabag in a mug will do, but for the perfect afternoon cuppa I follow the instructions below

Ceylon (Sri Lanka), is where my tea comes from. Rather than go to the supermarket you can buy in small packets of the best quality Ceylon tea from the web.

We have a ceramic teapot which gets flushed out with hot water to warm it up.

The teapot takes just over a litle of water and we put six slightly heaped teaspoons full of tea directly into it.

The kettle is filled with fresh filtered water (we use filtered water because we live in a limescale-rich hard water area). As soon as the kettle has boiled I pour the water directly over the leaves.

Stir and wait 4 minutes before pouring through a strainer into a large mug shaped cup. We have tried both milk first and tea first. Tea first is marginally better according to most people but I grew up with the milk first rule and have always done it that way.

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