Cool things to do with one piece of paper.

one sheet of paper

Here is our list of some very cool things to do with one piece of paper.

  1. Learn the The Floating Paper Ball magic trick

  2. Make the Red Baron's triplane - cool!

  3. Turn one sheet of paper into a Formula 1 racing car

  4. Fold a piece of paper 9 times
    (yes it can be done despite the common myth)

  5. Make an origami elephant from one sheet of paper

  6. Build the world's best paper aeroplane

  7. Make Pop-up cards and books

  8. Make Mood Music Pictures

  9. Make your own christmas baubles

    I like the baubles! Very cool but remember to use thicker paper if you make them larger.

One sheet of paper is all it takes to set your imagination free. Some of these craft projects require glue and scissors too.

1. The Floating Paper Ball.

The "Floating Paper Ball" is a great trick to perform with a piece of paper.

What they see:

You (the magician) should crumple a piece of paper into a ball, and hold it, palm upwards, on your left hand, with your right hand above it. You will wave your right hand above the crumpled ball in a mystical fashion and remove your left hand. Your audience will watch the ball remain hanging in space for a few seconds before you reach down and take the ball in your right hand.You can pass the ball for their inspection.

How you do it:

A thin line of thread, the same colour as your shirt or jacket top (black is best) is looped from a safety pin in the collar over your ear. When you first crumple the ball, scrunch it around the loose thread and it will hang from it with ease. When you finish, slide it off the thread as you hand the paper over for inspection.

Finally brush back your hair with your right hand and discretely lift the loop from your ear. The thread will fall to the floor and will not be noticed.