Family Resources

This is a list of resources suitable for families. We hope you find these resources useful.

How to draw cartoons - Some great cartooning tips and tricks, plus simple step by step guides to drawing loads of different cartoon animals.

We built a site with some more alternative craft ideas recently. Take a look and see if any of these ideas appeal to you. Most can be done by kids and adults alike.

The Seychelles information for visitors to these beautiful tropical islands.

If you are thinking of taking a holiday in the United Kingdom, there are loads of Good Hotels all over the country. London is great, but there are so many other wonderful place too. Castles such as Warwick, Windsor, and Hever Castle are my personal favourite places to visit.If you are visiting Windsor then consider booking a guided tour of the town.

Need inspiration for where to go abroad? Well Nicola's blog Luxury Trips and Tips is here to help.

Memory Techniques help idiots like me to learn useful things. I was quite proud to discover I can now list all the kings and queens of England in order from memory.


Gardening is such a cool, green and rewarding hobby. It saves a lot of money if you grow your own fruits and vegetables. You could even try your hand at growing grapes and making your own wine or cider.

Real Vacation Reviews
Holidays are wonderful so take your time to decide where to go and what to do when you get there. Remember to find out if you can safely drink the water! Family Health is so important to us all and should not be taken for granted. Above all, holidays are about relaxing, so remember to take along some good books to read while you are on vacation.

How will you get to your holiday destination. If you are driving then remember to think about safety and fuel consumption. A road trip isn't quite the cheap vacation it used to be and the damage to the environment caused by cars is a genuine issue to be concerned about.

We like the family friendly Greek Islands an in particular Rhodes which is my favourite.

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We hope you enjoy these as much as we have.